50k Training

I am currently trying to follow a training plan for a 50k on April 17th, 2021. Trying is the key word because I am quite terrible at following plans. There is an activity challenge going on at my work to do 30 minutes of activity per day, I have been going a little overboard. I am usually highly competitive when it comes challenges like this, so I have been doing my best to win even when it means throwing my training plan out the window. I know, it is not the wisest thing to do, but that is the competitive side of me overriding the logical side. The plan today called for 7 miles, which I was able to stick to. There has been an activity challenge every month for the past few months and I am planning on bowing out of the next challenge so I can hopefully be more dedicated to my training plan.

It was windy today and I am not a fan of running into the wind. When the weather is like this, I usually run into the wind for the first half of the run then turn around to enjoy a tailwind on the way back. There was a 13-mph wind out of the north east according to Garmin. Unfortunately, the tailwind assist never seems to help as much as it hurts on the way out. Not only was I battling a head wind but for the first 3/4 of run, my left calf was on fire. Not sure why this is happening, but it started on yesterday’s run and had an impact on my pace. Once the burning in my calf stopped, I started to feel much better, but it really is quite irritating when things like that happen.

Path in Janesville

In addition to running, I also like to watch anime. One of my favorites is a series called One Punch Man. For those not familiar with the series, the main character, Saitama, is a hero for fun. According to him he attained his super strength by working out every day. His daily routine consisted of 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and a 10k run. I have taken this workout and modified it slightly. I’ll keep to my training play as far as the running goes but every day before I run, I do 100 squats, 100 pushups, 100 standing calf raises, 3 minutes of planking, and 100 hip raises. I started doing this workout on November 17th. We will see if it has made a difference after a month.

Hot Chocolate 15k Finisher Medal and Jacket

Received my race packet for the virtual Hot Chocolate 15k today. I was disappointed that I was not able to do this race in person this year. Running a race with 10’s of thousands of people in downtown Chicago is really something special. This would have been my 3rd year in a row doing this race if it were not changed to a virtual race due to the pandemic. If you have not done a race like this before, I highly recommend it. There is a certain energy before the race that you just do not get from smaller races. Not to knock smaller venues, but there is an electricity in the air that is totally on another level. I am really hoping that next year’s race is not canceled. It would be nice to run this race in person again next year.

GT Sport

GT Sport Stats Site

I apologize to those that are looking for the GT Sport site. I have taken it offline due to the fact that an anomaly with the application that pulls the data from Polyphony Digital. This was causing the data to be incredibly inaccurate and would have been counter productive. I’m not a fan of presenting inaccurate data to users. I’m hoping that some day I’ll have the time and resources to correct this issue but as of right now the site it down. Thanks to those that have supported the site and maybe it will be back again some day.



So, my first real post will give you all a little overview of how I got started. It has been a little over two years since I started this journey. For all intents and purposes, the journey technically started in 2015. Until June or July of 2015, I had been a smoker for roughly 20 years. It was then that I quit smoking and took up vaping. One of the things that I noticed almost immediately about vaping was that when I had to go without vaping for a while, the cravings were nowhere near as bad as they were with cigarettes. Another horrible addiction that I had was an addiction to Adderall. I have to say that this drug, while initially helpful, nearly ruined my life. I quit taking Adderall in April of 2018 and am glad that I did so. Around this time, I also stopped working myself to death. I was a software developer for a small company, and I would typically be in the office 60-70+ hours per week. I sacrificed so much time with my family that I will never get back. In June of 2018 I started walking around the lake behind the office that I worked in. I had an hour for lunch and would walk about 3 ½ to 4 miles per day, Monday through Friday. On August 17th, 2018, I was finally able to quit vaping. In hindsight, it was nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be. I quit cold turkey and have not touched a cigarette or vaping device since.

I was dieting and walking a fair amount, but I was not losing weight as fast as I wanted to. I decided in September that I would start running. The first month was not pretty at all. At first, I was only able to run about 100 yards at most and it hurt every step of the way. I would mix spurts of running into my walks hoping that the pain in my legs would go away. My first recorded run on Strava was 3.86 miles at a 12:19 per/mile pace. Even though I could not run a full mile, I registered for the J-Hawk Earlybird Triathlon in Whitewater. I could not swim very well, I could not run a full mile, and about the only thing I could do was ride a bike. I am kind of a jump in with both feet kind of guy.

I thought that since I was doing a triathlon, it would be a good idea to sign up for a 5k. The next race coming up was The North Face Endurance Challenge on September 16th, 2018. I registered for the 5k and kept walking/running on my lunch. I remember the first time I was able to run a full mile without stopping I sent my wife a text message. “I just ran a full mile without stopping!” When it came time for race day, I was able to run the first mile of the 5k but had to run/walk the last 2. My average pace 9:09 and I was extremely happy about that. I immediately registered for another 5k, the Discover Whitewater Series race on September 23rd, 2018. This one I was able to run the entire 5k and finished with an average pace of 8:30. I was hooked and will never forget how crossing the finish line for those first few races felt. At that time, the triathlon was the hardest event I had ever done. I remember finishing the bike with my lungs burning and my legs on fire. Right after I started the run, I passed my wife and daughter and was able to mutter, “I think I’m going to hurl” as I passed them. I finished the triathlon with a time of 1:27:37. My transitions were terrible, and still are, but I have been bitten by the triathlon bug and love doing them. When I first started walking around the lake on my lunch breaks, I weighed about 215 pounds. I have now dropped to about 180. I’m still not that great at sticking to a diet but that’s a work in progress.

While my pace has improved substantially over the past few years, I will never forget my humble beginnings. I have gone from barely being able to run a mile to consistently logging 30-50 miles per week depending on my training schedule. This blog will be an ongoing account of my running endeavors and I will also be throwing in some product reviews for shoes, clothing, and other running and fitness related products. Thanks for reading!


Let’s Try This Again

I was out for a run earlier today and I thought I would try to start doing the blog thing again. Not much to say today but we’ll see what happens tomorrow.